I am passionate about what I do. I like working with all age groups of development, however, I enjoy preschool age most. Preschool is the cornerstone of education. There have been many studies and reports that show the many ways it impacts individual people and their communities.

I love it when students come and visit year after year. They grow so fast! It is really neat to see how they mature.

There are many different little personalities that come through my classroom, however, they will all make advancements. I have a student to teacher ratio of 6:1, which allows me to spend extra time where needed with each student. I strive to nurture students’ day with creativity, curiosity, structure, and fun. There are plenty of opportunities for my students to make advancements in all domains of early childhood development:

Social development

Although cognitive development is the eventual goal, the primary goal is for the students to develop important life skills, such as (but not limited to) self-concept and self-discipline. Cooperation and confidence are other skills we will work to develop. Classroom etiquette and behavior allows for a richer, more successful school career for students.

Cognitive development

Math skills-Recognizing numbers and shapes, singing songs in which characters are added or taken away, related crafts, problem solving, and critical thinking

Literacy development-Recognizing alphabet, singing songs, ASL alphabet, name recognition, site words flashcards, related crafts

Motor Development

We go outside every day, rain or shine!Free play inside, free play outside, gardening, dance, and yoga.